ahhh spring

it is quite possible that i might have the most wonderful boyfriend on earth. this weekend has been sweet and loving and fun. friday night we saw leo kotke. and might i say that i am a convert. i loooved his rendition of corrina, corrina. so quiet and hushed and loving.

saturday was busy as i had rsvp'd to a cinco de mayo fest with my friends mary and jenn. i had also stupidly offered up a fresh batch of gazpacho as my contribution (i know, not mexican but at least spicy!).

this was no small feat, considering that my apt. looked as if a bomb had exploded. after doing a quick hvitur stormsveipur, the most pressing question on my mind was what a pair of socks were doing in my fridge. admittedly the said pair was in a lunch bag that also contained the leftovers from fri. lunch. but still, is that something you aspire to as a kid? to be able to say: "when i grow up i'll have socks in my fridge!" didn't think so.

after i had celebrated seguin's victory over the french by stuffing meself with guacamole, chips and 'ritas, the wonderful boyfriend picked me up and we crashed on the couch with heroes. dudes, i'm telling you - heroes is _the_ best show ever. and hiro is my favorite. i wish charlie was still alive. they were so cute. wata!!!

today is sunday and in spite of being office bound, impregnated with the stress of creating nothing short of a class-project masterpiece for this weeks' deadline, i'm in jolly good spirits thank you very much. drew got up early and went to ctb and brought me coffee, bagels with lox (with lox!) and oj and the new york times. he's alright.

i have to mention one more happy thing, and then i'm off to working. last nights' dream was amazing. i was skiing! i even had a season pass. and in spite of having something stuck in my teeth (a common stress related thing for me) throughout the dream i couldn't help but love it. the only weird thing about this whole skiing thing was that i had a season pass to the skiing area on bustadavegur, reykjavik. totally weird, since there are really no huge hills/mountains there to ski. but i guess when you're dreaming it doesn't really matter, right?

anyway. i'm caffeinated and i better make the best of it.


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