the view from the hotel rooftop pool in d.c. washington monument off in the distance.

it was hot in the city. and so we lounged by the pool after dusk. pretty nice view.


j-jo-bob and e-law visiting.

jamie and erin outside stone cat cafe - such a lovely place. watching the sun set while sipping on chilled white wine, it doesn't get much better than that!

memorial dazed

instead of joining drew and james at the cottage today, i went into work for a bit. catching up on stuff that was not accomplished last week. blegh. and then i'm off to d.c. for the rest of the week for workie work. fun stuff.

i took this afternoon off though. sat in the park and read a book. i could get used to that. quiet day. and a good one. it is such a luxury to have a whole afternoon to do nothing, and do just that.

at the park i managed to plomp my bum down right next to a shining fresh pile of dog shit. nice. after making sure i wasn't the one smelling, i realized that i had not only sat next to the steaming pile, but also stepped in it. classy. just like me.

am drinking a glass of white wine with sparklies in it. anything to avoid having to turn the a/c monster on. besides, it's a really nice white. maybe i should have another glass.


dried craisins drive me crazy with a "k"

eg ma til med ad koma thessu a framfaeri:

eg a mer marga uppahalds bloggara en...

a) eg er of lot eda
b) thad skiptir mig ekki mali ad hafa tha a lista her til hlidar eda
c) eg nenni ekki ad fiffa til html-id hja mer eda
d) mer finnast listar leidinlegir.

...nema hvad, ad hann grimsi er einn af theim. faerslan um vorid var hreint yndi. og svo nuna, faerslan um verkfaerin.

thad er glatad ad geta ekki deilt thessari gledi med AmErIkOnUnUm sem eg vinn med (eda a madurkonamadur kannski ekkert ad vera ad lesa blogg i vinnunni?).

djofuls luserar annars ad kunna ekki islensku. eg meina, tala eg ekki ensku a hverjum andskotans degi fyrir thetta pakk? einusinni kom elli med tha hugmynd ad hafa svona "tala [tungumal x] daga". td. tala norsku dag, eda tala sanskrit dag. mottokurnar voru heldur draemar, vid reyndum en eg gafst alltaf upp eftir "hej, hur gaar det? hej hej?" [thetta verdur fyndnari faersla ef thid lesid hana upphatt med norskum hreim, en eg veit ad thetta er ekkert endilega norska, ok?].

en kannski hristir thad adeins upp i thessu pakki ef eg neita ad tala ensku og tala bara donsku vid thau.

kannski ekki. en eg aetla ad profa.




in spite of my opposable thumbs i am still a sucker for positive reinforcement, just like a lab rat.

i empty the spam box in my gmail account daily. the reason is not that i am running out of space, but the fact that whenever the box is emptied, this phrase pops up "hooray, no spam here!" all kinds of warm and fuzzy.

spiderman was so so. lot's of cool visuals. what's with tobey's eye-liner though? gummi, any ideas?

my body is a cage - arcade fire. love it!


hold on tobey, i'm coming!

i'm reading up on adolescent development for my gps/teen tracking project for class. man, it sucks being a teenager! i remember having serious issues with my rents, like being incredibly snarky in the mornings and being embarrased of the old pair when we were out and about. but compared to the lists of issues that accompany adolescence, that was just a walk in the park.

or was it? maybe we paint over the most painful memories of being awkward and not being the popular kids (and i sure as heck never was), puberty. maybe it's survival. if we remembered the misery, we'd probably not want to go on, let alone bring a child in to this world just to go through that. happy birthday! in about 12 years you're going to be miserable and it's ok, because it's by definition "normal"! no wonder kids cry when they are born.

now, on the topic of being a teenager. tobey maguire makes me feel funny in my private parts * and i can't wait to see spiderman 3 tonight! until then i must be super good and write some more for class. worky worky worky

* seriously.

my new boyfriend

jeff han is my new boyfriend. how freakin' cool is this stuff?!!! the hci nerd in me is stoked.


rock on!

thor thors gave me money for next year! whoo! now i need to convince lin that they want to "give" me money and the debt monkeys will be off my back for a bit... huzzah for edumacation!


just. can't. stop. meself.


why did i think that image googling "overgrown rabbit teeth"* was a good idea right before bed? i'm one of the scarediest, afraidest of the dark people on the entire planet and somehow i thought it was ok for me to look at bunny horror images at this hour? *rocking back and forth*

seriously folks, i'm that stupid.

* was at birthday party where this particular topic came up. some of the guests were vet students, and apparently this is a problem for some bunnies. oy. and here i thought being fluffy and eating lettuce was a piece o' cake. but no. some bun-buns have teef that won't stop growing. ouch. ew. gross.

in a handbasket

eg trui ekki ad stjornin hafi haldid velli - sjittur. hvad er i gangi a islandi? er folk ad tapa ser i rugli?

i'm writing my final paper for class. it's going so - so. i've got tons of ideas, and my project partner has too. and the feedback we've gotten is "you've got great ideas - how are you going to narrow it down?" and that's where the knife stands in the cow. i'm sure it'll all work out just splendiferously.

i have to succintly tell the story of parents monitoring their adolescent kids with gps enabled phones, the technology, the motivation of this, the questions being asked (parents, kids, other folks), the perceived value in this practice and then detail the critical design process, what the message is, who the audience is, what the symbolism is etc etc in only 8 pages. fsp. i'm sure it'll take some mad trimming skillz to get this behemoth of work down to 8 pages. that's a pamphlet!

but instead of starting this, i'm blogging. i'm excited about going to iceland in july - i'm a bit sad about leaving drew behind, and what am i going to do on my birthday without him? i'm sure it'll be fine - i'm a big girl, but still...

before going on the island vacation, i have to go a couple of times to dc for data collection, participate in some sort of idiotic reunion at drew's alma mater - thesir kanar eru klikk - and pack up my apartment, move my shiznit to the new place and try to enjoy the month of june. so i'll be busy for a while.

i ran into herdis this weekend, i'm still laughing at how mad we got discussing the state of politics and feminism in iceland. i shouldn't be laughing, i should be crying. i can't believe people get more worked up about some stupid song contest than politics. seriously folks. get your friggidy frackin' priorities in order... urrr... eg meinada.


i am blogging this

i'm presenting my final project for the class in about 3 hours or so. until then i have to finalize the presentation with my project partner, meet with the e-rule initiative folks and then with some computer science folks about their final project they are doing for the e-rule initiative. good stuff.

as i'm sitting here in the duffield atrium, a guy walked by with a walkie-talkie and said: big bird, i'm walking towards the nest.


six weeks

i bought a ticke for iceland on sunday. arriving in kef. on july 3, leaving on aug. 13.
yikes. now alls i hafta do is make plans to be surrounded by my favorite people!


ahhh spring

it is quite possible that i might have the most wonderful boyfriend on earth. this weekend has been sweet and loving and fun. friday night we saw leo kotke. and might i say that i am a convert. i loooved his rendition of corrina, corrina. so quiet and hushed and loving.

saturday was busy as i had rsvp'd to a cinco de mayo fest with my friends mary and jenn. i had also stupidly offered up a fresh batch of gazpacho as my contribution (i know, not mexican but at least spicy!).

this was no small feat, considering that my apt. looked as if a bomb had exploded. after doing a quick hvitur stormsveipur, the most pressing question on my mind was what a pair of socks were doing in my fridge. admittedly the said pair was in a lunch bag that also contained the leftovers from fri. lunch. but still, is that something you aspire to as a kid? to be able to say: "when i grow up i'll have socks in my fridge!" didn't think so.

after i had celebrated seguin's victory over the french by stuffing meself with guacamole, chips and 'ritas, the wonderful boyfriend picked me up and we crashed on the couch with heroes. dudes, i'm telling you - heroes is _the_ best show ever. and hiro is my favorite. i wish charlie was still alive. they were so cute. wata!!!

today is sunday and in spite of being office bound, impregnated with the stress of creating nothing short of a class-project masterpiece for this weeks' deadline, i'm in jolly good spirits thank you very much. drew got up early and went to ctb and brought me coffee, bagels with lox (with lox!) and oj and the new york times. he's alright.

i have to mention one more happy thing, and then i'm off to working. last nights' dream was amazing. i was skiing! i even had a season pass. and in spite of having something stuck in my teeth (a common stress related thing for me) throughout the dream i couldn't help but love it. the only weird thing about this whole skiing thing was that i had a season pass to the skiing area on bustadavegur, reykjavik. totally weird, since there are really no huge hills/mountains there to ski. but i guess when you're dreaming it doesn't really matter, right?

anyway. i'm caffeinated and i better make the best of it.





after thinking about it for a while, i've decided to start blogging in english. this doesn't mean that i'll not blog in icelandic. i'm just ... re-evaluating things.

so there.