in a handbasket

eg trui ekki ad stjornin hafi haldid velli - sjittur. hvad er i gangi a islandi? er folk ad tapa ser i rugli?

i'm writing my final paper for class. it's going so - so. i've got tons of ideas, and my project partner has too. and the feedback we've gotten is "you've got great ideas - how are you going to narrow it down?" and that's where the knife stands in the cow. i'm sure it'll all work out just splendiferously.

i have to succintly tell the story of parents monitoring their adolescent kids with gps enabled phones, the technology, the motivation of this, the questions being asked (parents, kids, other folks), the perceived value in this practice and then detail the critical design process, what the message is, who the audience is, what the symbolism is etc etc in only 8 pages. fsp. i'm sure it'll take some mad trimming skillz to get this behemoth of work down to 8 pages. that's a pamphlet!

but instead of starting this, i'm blogging. i'm excited about going to iceland in july - i'm a bit sad about leaving drew behind, and what am i going to do on my birthday without him? i'm sure it'll be fine - i'm a big girl, but still...

before going on the island vacation, i have to go a couple of times to dc for data collection, participate in some sort of idiotic reunion at drew's alma mater - thesir kanar eru klikk - and pack up my apartment, move my shiznit to the new place and try to enjoy the month of june. so i'll be busy for a while.

i ran into herdis this weekend, i'm still laughing at how mad we got discussing the state of politics and feminism in iceland. i shouldn't be laughing, i should be crying. i can't believe people get more worked up about some stupid song contest than politics. seriously folks. get your friggidy frackin' priorities in order... urrr... eg meinada.

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