memorial dazed

instead of joining drew and james at the cottage today, i went into work for a bit. catching up on stuff that was not accomplished last week. blegh. and then i'm off to d.c. for the rest of the week for workie work. fun stuff.

i took this afternoon off though. sat in the park and read a book. i could get used to that. quiet day. and a good one. it is such a luxury to have a whole afternoon to do nothing, and do just that.

at the park i managed to plomp my bum down right next to a shining fresh pile of dog shit. nice. after making sure i wasn't the one smelling, i realized that i had not only sat next to the steaming pile, but also stepped in it. classy. just like me.

am drinking a glass of white wine with sparklies in it. anything to avoid having to turn the a/c monster on. besides, it's a really nice white. maybe i should have another glass.

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