success redefined

back from a successful work trip in d.c.
overall our presentations went over well, people liked what our team had to say. my meeting/presentation went well too. to sum it up in two words: plain vanilla.

the only thing that added some spice was the bomb threat that was posted to the dept. of transportation as we were presenting there.

it is weird evacuating a building not because of the usual fire drill but the thought that something terribly bad might happen.

no mass hysteria, though, and we ended up waiting in a restaurant a few blocks down while k-9 units scoped "the scene". we ended up having to cut our presentation short since some team members had a flight back that afternoon.

i, on the other hand had a long weekend ahead of me, visiting with my friend erin, of ms program in ergonomics fame. lovely lovely lovely. we had nice dinners and wine and talked each others ears off. it's so nice to be around old friends where anything goes and it doesn't matter if you're having a bad hair day - you'll still be mocked only this time with love. and that's what counts in life folks!

which leads me to my next point. i'm so homesick these days. i actually went on line and found pictures of reykjavik to make into a wallpaper collage. i've got mad photoshop skillz. and now i'm partially home everytime i look at my screen.

oh, and if i haven't said it before on this blog, then i'll say it now. usairways suck! not only were both legs of my returning fligths late (more than an hour, with no updates posted or anything), but then they "lost" my luggage.

upon returning it the next day it was soaking wet. i'm not talking about damp, people. i'm talking about f-ing dripping. like, "sitting out on the tarmac overnight during a thunderstorm" dripping.

i packed a couple of books that resemble some art project in paper mache now, as well as notes and stuff for work. not to mention clothes, shoes and toiletry stuff. when i showed this to the lady at the counter she said: "well, the books don't look that bad to me"

oh really? not that bad, eh? well excuse me for expecting you to deliver my luggage both on time and in good condition. haaarumph. at least nothing invaluable was lost. but still.

the sad thing is that i can't boycot these lame-o's and their mommas because they have a monopoly on flights out of ithaca. sound familiar? i've got a word for you: icelandair.

ok, that's enough complaining.

i'm juiced up from the americano drew got me after lunch today. i'm also relatively happy that i'm not slated for cholesterol medication as of this morning (tadow! how do you like me now!).
while it doesn't mean that i'm in the clear, it means that i can hold off on buying one of those pill boxes that have the days of the week on them. when you're 32 going on 33 (eep!) that, my friends, is succes.

i'm gonna labels some of the pics now.

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MD said...

Did I tell you when I visited the FAA in DC. There was a big security check at the front desk. I was lead to believe that prior to my visit my background had been checked to make sure I wasn't the terrorist kind.
My passport seemed to baffle the security guard who, in the end, checked me into the building as 'Miss Reykjavik'.
I didn't bother to correct him. For a day I was a beauty queen ;)