in which i write a post.

on friday i got to hang out with two 8 year olds. both their names are robert. which is convenient for an old fart (hahaFART!haha) like me. makes life easy.

we went on a treasure hunt - which consisted of me making "tasks" up as we went along and making up the point value of each completed task. we even kept track. and somehow everyone ended up making the _exact_ same points. funny how that works.

in any case. my favorite memory from this treasure hunt was probably the moment depicted. the roberts were looking for white rocks. which, as it turns out, is actually kinda hard downtown hafnarfjordur. one of them spotted a white rock under this structure - kind of like an outdoors-stage for summer concerts and performances and all things merry and fun.

so, being that this was a treasure hunt and that there were points at stake... well...they literally just started squeezing themselves under the stage. until one of them kind of got his head stuck.

it wasn't stuck for very long.

just about long enough to make my heart skip a beat or two or three and for my mind to go off like a race car. i had flashes of the kid being stuck and the fire department coming over using their jaws of life, the mother standing by hysterically sobbing, and husband explaining to a newsreporter that really, "she seemed trustworthy, we'd never ask her to take care of our child if we didn't trust her..."

funny how our minds go much much faster than time, eh?

in any case, the kid managed to squirm loose, my heart began beating again and, more importantly: they found the damn rocks.

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Herdis said...

FART!! roflmao!!! FART!!!