a ridiculous shade of blue

the last few days have been gray and gloomy weather-wise. today was a welcome change and the sky was just an incredible shade of blue. i've not seen this shade anywhere else than in iceland. coupled with a light breeze and smell of blóðberg (not sure what it is in english, creeping thyme?) it was just a beautiful day.

this is a part of the house where i´m staying. (for the scandinavia-philes the name of the house is the same as pippi longstocking´s house in icelandic. so far i´ve not encountered monkeys, so i think the comparison ends there, sadly)


Derek said...

Wow, beautiful photos!

Herdis said...

Damn, I had written such a witty comment and it disappeared! *sob*

Anyhoo. Beautiful pics, make me homesick. You're right, just that kind of blue is some special kind of Iceland blue. Not even Svalbard has this kind of blue.

And Pippi... I suggest you braid your hair, stick a wire coat hanger in them and bend the whole contraption upwards. That way, you won't need monkeys to turn Sjónarhóll, Grindavík into Pippi Longstocking's house :)