hold on tobey, i'm coming!

i'm reading up on adolescent development for my gps/teen tracking project for class. man, it sucks being a teenager! i remember having serious issues with my rents, like being incredibly snarky in the mornings and being embarrased of the old pair when we were out and about. but compared to the lists of issues that accompany adolescence, that was just a walk in the park.

or was it? maybe we paint over the most painful memories of being awkward and not being the popular kids (and i sure as heck never was), puberty. maybe it's survival. if we remembered the misery, we'd probably not want to go on, let alone bring a child in to this world just to go through that. happy birthday! in about 12 years you're going to be miserable and it's ok, because it's by definition "normal"! no wonder kids cry when they are born.

now, on the topic of being a teenager. tobey maguire makes me feel funny in my private parts * and i can't wait to see spiderman 3 tonight! until then i must be super good and write some more for class. worky worky worky

* seriously.


GummiE said...

How about goth tobey with black eye-liner?

hryssa said...

mér fannst þú skemmtilegur unglingur :)