in spite of my opposable thumbs i am still a sucker for positive reinforcement, just like a lab rat.

i empty the spam box in my gmail account daily. the reason is not that i am running out of space, but the fact that whenever the box is emptied, this phrase pops up "hooray, no spam here!" all kinds of warm and fuzzy.

spiderman was so so. lot's of cool visuals. what's with tobey's eye-liner though? gummi, any ideas?

my body is a cage - arcade fire. love it!


GummiE said...

Well, maybe some kind of a columbine syndrome: Evil = goth = eyeliner. But actually Sam Raimi lost a lot of cool with that whole extremely silly sequence. At least in my book.

hronnsa said...

oh i agree! what's with that stupid sequence? it tewtally ruined the flow for me. i would have been ok with the eyeliner and the greasy hair if raimi had lost the gyration. 'nuff said.