loksins kominn fostudagur - og eg a leidinni heim og svo i bio ad sja Banff kvikmyndahatidina - thokkaleg gledi i gangi thar

en ja, heitipotturinn...humm, eg er ad spa i ad segja bara fra thvi seinna, tharf ad na straeto og svona, thannig ad eg segi bara ...to be continued...(hahaha)

her er svo kjanaljod vikunnar -
njotid heil


(for full effect, imagine tumbleweeds blowin' across the road,
in the distance a horse neighs and the taste of sand and blood is
on your lips)
(read with a full on Tennessee twang)

"Dusk" (ode to Simona)

A lonely cowgirl howls in
the wind
her heart breaks at the sight of
no other of her

to run with
to be free with
to get smack n' rubs from
to ... love...

(silence, a tear drops)

be kind to the cowgirl

be kind to the lonely cowgirl

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